Saturday, November 27, 2010

"The Cardinal" 12"x30" Acrylic on canvas

This picture doesn't do the real painting much justice but my aunt wanted to see how it was coming. I'll end up taking another pic of this when it's light outside.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"The Three Red Trees" 12x36" Acrylic on canvas

If you haven't heard of Tim Gagnon and his online painting lessons, you should check him out! This painting was one that I created after studying from one of his lessons. He has influenced me and shown me new ways to use the paintbrush. Anyway, if you are interested in purchasing any of my paintings you can go to my webs site or on my Etsy page

"November"-12"x36" -Acrylic on canvas-

"The BlueJay"-12"x30"-Acrylic on Canvas

"There's Orbs In The Woods" 14"x30" Acrylic on canvas

"The Enchanted Forest" 18"x24"-Acrylic on canvas

Craft Fair Season

This is really the first year I've done anything public with my art since high school. I finally feel confident enough with the newer paintings I have to put them in the winter craft fair that Antioch New England grad school (student alliance) is putting on. It will be on Wednesday December 8th if my memory is correct. Since it's a craft fair I'm thinking about making some t-shirts with my paintings and other small things like coffee mugs or tote bags to make my work a bit more affordable. We'll see how it goes...