Sunday, July 7, 2013

Still Life Study

Well even though I'm in my 30's, live with my Dad and just got my hours at the only job I have cut in half basically I still have the ambition to make (and hopefully get better at) art. (Oh and did I forget to mention that my car just died).
 I've wanted a job in art ever since I can remember looking in awe at the way comic book artists like Jim Lee made the super heroes pop out of the page. It was so epic that ever since then I've wanted to create art like that. I was on that road until I got to be about 19 and then decided to lose about 10 years of artistic growth to substance abuse. So now I feel like I'm in a race with myself to get better to the point where I'm at a professional level and can feel somewhat confident in putting together a portfolio.
 I've been really studying hard the past two and a half months, since I can't afford school I'm re-teaching myself the fundamentals of drawing. Waking up an hour earlier on days before work and trying to use any free time for studies. I cannot thank enough Matt Kohr of and David Rapoza & Dan Warren from the Crimson Daggers site, I just wish I had found out about them before they basically stopped doing the Bloodsports challenges.
  Anyway, I'm trying to make a schedule for myself like: 1-2 hours in the morning for anatomy study (Andrew Loomis), 2 hour still life painting, 1-2 hour life drawing and 1-2 hours of practicing to movie stills for lighting and color, etc. I am more focused now than I've ever been and a lot of it is out of a necessity for paid work.

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