Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Uthers final stand" World of Warcraft fan art

This is my first real set up piece of Photoshop art since I came back from traditional landscape painting. Finding the Crimson Daggers really gave me a ton of motivation to head in the direction of illustration. Since May I've really been working hard on my fundamental skills (anatomy, perspective, color, values, etc, etc) I soon realized though just how out of practice I was for this. There is so much for me to tackle, I'm trying to take on areas that I used to avoid like hands and feet hoping that the more you draw something, the better you'll get, right?
 Anyway the piece on the left here was actually for a Blizzcon fan art contest but I sent it in without too high of hopes knowing how many others are out there doing the same thing with much more experience than I have. But there's always next year and if I continue to study who knows how much improvement there will be.

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